Bring out the best flavours when you grill

Do yourself a favour when you use a smoker or a grill – use only all-natural, hardwood lump charcoal. While gas grills are convenient, this method of using natural wood smoke will enhance the taste of anything prepared on the grill. And this monster burger cooked by our very own RS Hearth & Home curator on the Primo Ceramic grill is amazing. Here’s the recipe:

  • start with a high quality pork/beef ground combo
  • mix in an egg, a handful of smashed croutons, a ¼” tsp of salt and a tsp of pepper, and a splash or two of siracha and Worcestershire sauces
  • finely grate ¼ of a zucchini, ¼ of a red pepper and ¼ of a red onion (now you know our secret)
  • form into ¼” thick patties the size of a small saucer
  • finish off each pattie with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and place onto your hot grill (flip after 4 minutes and add cheese)
  • while your patties are smoking to perfection, start to compose your stack on a fresh brioche bun:
    • a swirl of mustard and/or mayo on the bottom bun
    • a spoonful of salsa
    • ¼ of a sliced avocado
    • 2-3 slices of thick bacon
    • add your burger pattie with melted cheese
    • a scoop of sautéed mushrooms
    • a fork full of spicy banana peppers
    • a spoonful of salsa
    • a swirl of BBQ sauce on the top bun and …………….. heaven on a plate. Enjoy!

Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds

When we launched RS Hearth & Home and put a feminine spin on the “RS” brand, one of our visions was to have goals with soul! Finding ways to support our community – whether it be through promoting local entrepreneurs and businesses or charitable partners whose values are in line with ours – will be a part of our journey.

Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds is a Squamish based organization that provides day camp programs, tailored workshops, adventures and team building around healthy friendships and self love to youth 3- 16 years. Their quest is to make their programs a possibility for all who have an interest in their leadership development, making a difference in their community and an overall love of building strong and lasting friendships. They firmly believe that “no child should be precluded from the camp/leadership experience due to financial means”. RS Hearth & Home was honoured to support their 1 st Annual Halloween Party & Campership Fundraiser by donating an Adventure Day to their auction items. Adventure Days are where young girls have the opportunity to challenge themselves as well as help and encourage other girls to achieve their goals for the day. We helped Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds reach their goal of raising enough funds to send ten local Squamish kids to summer camp as well as ten boys and ten girls to each of their amazing BLAZE and SWING leadership programs!!!!! Changing the world one leader at a time! Honoured to be a part of this fundraiser.