Bring Home Outside

To help contain the spread of the coronavirus, people around the world have been told to wear a mask, stay at home, keep your “bubbles” small ……  Thankfully we live in a region where fresh air and the great outdoors can be found by simply opening our own doors.

The pandemic has taught us that having a great outdoor space to gather with friends and family (or to have a space for some quiet time) is so important.  We found that consumers carefully researched the best products and services that would extend their indoor spaces outdoors.  It’s no surprise that the most popular products were patio furniture, BBQs, pizza ovens and fire tables.  Not only did these purchases take “socially distanced interaction” to the next level, elevating the experiences in that outdoor living area also became an investment in the home.  We anticipate that such purchasing trends will continue, no matter how big or small the space is.

Al fresco dining and fire side chats under the stars do not have to end just because the season is changing.  Cocktails/mocktails, great food on the table and a cozy blanket will take summer into fall. They are simple pleasures that we once took for granted. Being outdoors is the greatest place to heal, recharge and reconnect. So bring home outside.