Backyard Inspiration That’s A Breeze

Whether your backyard is designed for entertaining a crowd or just relaxing with a good book, simple elements can take your space from blah to breathtaking.

Start with an uncomplicated paving stone (or crushed rock) platform, hang a string of outdoor Edison light bulbs, incorporate a few brightly coloured aridondack chairs and, of course, add a little flame.

Paving stones are durable, low maintenance, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They can be laid directly on top of dirt or gravel. All you need is flat, firm ground to get started.

Edison strings are the latest lighting trend. The weather-resistant, vintage shaped glass bulbs with exposed filaments, give off a beautiful glow. String them along a fence, through the trees or attach them to a pole.

Adirondack chairs have a distinct look, with wide arms and a backward sloping seat that sits close to the ground. These classic chairs have graced patios and porches for more than a hundred years, bringing a charming vibe to outdoor décor.  Available in both tradition wood or composite material and in a variety of colours.

A propane/natural gas firepit will make your backyard area come to light, literally. A firepit can be round or rectangular, and can feature a cast log set, glass beads or lava rock. Best of all – our Kingsman certified outdoor firepits can be installed on top of wood decks or patios! You can even create your own design around your firepit using non-combustible material (leftover paving stones or rocks from your garden).

This affordable DIY upgrade allows you take the indoors out. All it needs is you!