Campsite Envy

Long gone are the days of ripped tents, wet sleeping bags, smoky clothing, and sniffing the food in the cooler to make sure it’s safe.


Today’s camping families, whether in a tent or a trailer, want the experiences of being away, with all of the comforts of being at home.  If your friends are anything like mine, having a few prized pieces of camping equipment that make you the envy of your camping buddies is all a part of the adventure.


A good cooler, like the nICE brand, can keep your beer (food – we meant food) cold for days.  Sweat resistant and bear proof (important for the Squamish lifestyle) , tough and trendy (because no one wants an old ugly cooler) , this is a must have whether your spot for the weekend is along the shores of Howe Sound or in the backcountry beyond the Squamish or Pemberton Valleys.  Could you imagine having cold beer (food – we meant food) all weekend long!


If you love to grill, or even if you pretend to, a good quality stainless steel BBQ will bring out the best chef in you.  Having a grill you can easily transport to your picnic table, to the lakeshore, to the campsite next door, or even onto the boat, will keep everyone happy (and healthy).  Having a grill with enough power and versatility to cook for a crowd is what Jackson Grills is known for.  Their BBQs have this unique grilling surface with two different sized grilling rods that allow you to cook small portion sizes (think prawns, fish and vegetables) and larger portion sizes (think steak and chicken) all at the same time.  What does that mean?  It means the food won’t fall through the cracks and there’s less flare-ups.  Imaging having a grill that you don’t have to replace every camping season!


Now let’s get to the good stuff.  A campfire is what truly brings a crowd together.  Agreed?  The campfire, in my opinion, has been the one essential element that has evolved the most.  The Flame Genie is one of my favourite products.  This portable campfire uses wood pellets, which means there’s no sparks, minimal smoke and ash, and almost no clean-up.  No more hunting for firewood.  Just grab a cheap bag of pellets on your way out of town and you’re set.  Modern thinking and modern looking.  It even comes with it’s own carry case for easy transportation.  The flame pattern produced by the Flame Genie will have you staring for hours.  The name says it all!  Oh and did I mention that you won’t go to bed smelling like a campfire (aka cariboo cologne)?


Beer, food and fire.  And friends.  That’s camping!