DreamCast Fire Tables


DreamCast products are made using the latest technology of glass fiber reinforced concrete for durability and longevity.  The alkali glass matrix in the concrete makes it possible to create thin wall castings that are high performance in all climates and resist structural cracking.  The colours are blended into the mix so the colour is throughout the entire product, ensuring colour stability.  Artisanal concrete firetables like no other we’ve seen!  Their collection of CSA certified firetables (in natural gas or propane) are available in a variety of sizes and colours.  Our favourites include:

  • the urban bold “Bloq” is a 3′ square aesthetic mass of modern outdoor living (36″ square, 15″ high with a round 60,000 BTU burner) – $3,595 (plus taxes & shipping)
  • the  versatile “Element” is a 3′ square concrete firepit top with a 2′ square base (round 60,000 BTU burner) – $3,595 (plus taxes & shipping)
  • the “Libra” provides an offset burner for more table space (3′ x 4′), with a full campfire flame (36″ x 48″ tabletop with a 36″ x 24″ base and round 60,000 BTU burner) – $4,200 (plus taxes & shipping)
  • the stunning “Quadra” is available in 48″, 60″ and 72″ rectangular lengths with a concrete base and 110,000+ BTU ‘linear’ burner – $4,195 (plus taxes & shipping)
  • a long line of modern fire creates the “Linea” and is available in 60″ and 72″ (x 24″ wide and 15″ high), perfect for an entertaining space or to create a space divider.  Burner sizes range from 65,000-250,000 BTU.  Starts at $3,795 (plus taxes & shipping)

Made with pride, right here in beautiful British Columbia.

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