Electric Fireplaces


One of the dreams of many homeowners or renters is to have a cozy little living room with comfortable couches and a beautiful fireplace to enjoy a cool winter evening. Although this dream works in theory, the reality is that fireplaces often take a lot of work and a lot of money. Also, due to location restrictions, whether in homes or businesses, venting sometimes just is not possible.

You don’t necessarily need to worry about knocking out a wall or performing heavy remodeling just to install your electric fireplace. Installing a wall-mounted or freestanding fireplace is easy, maintenance free and cost effective. All you need is a wall socket where you can plug in the unit to fire it up and feel the heat or just enjoy the look of a flame. And electric fireplaces are not what they use to be. There are few pieces of art that you can honestly call beneficial, beautiful, convenient and functional, but this is exactly what today’s electric fireplace is!!!

We have a wide variety of electric fireplaces available to suit your design needs.  Contact us for details.

Wallmount starting at $525.00 (plus taxes and shipping)

Freestanding starting at $210.00 (plus taxes and shipping)

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