Lock Racks & Bins


Not only do log racks and bins provide organized, easy firewood storage, today’s products are both attractive and functional.  A welcomed accessory on any front porch or hearth.

The “Crescent” log rack is an architectural focal point and allows you to keep your larger wood separate from your kindling.  A welcomed accessory on any front porch or hearth.

Available in two sizes – 48” for $250 (plus taxes and shipping) and 97” for $595 (plus taxes and shipping). 


The log bin is a way to add personal style to your fireplace hearth.  They are ideal for holding and storing firewood close to your fireplace and feature sturdy handles for easy transportation.   

Our more popular models – the antique iron log bin and modern prairie kindling bins start at $55 (plus taxes and shipping).

Note – We have a wide variety of log racks and bins available to suit your needs.  Contact us for more information.



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