Marquis Bola


The Marquis Bola ss the perfect way to enhance the enjoyment of any outdoor space. Ideally suited for use on a wood deck or patio, Bola comes complete with lava rock and is fuelled by either natural gas or propane. Decorate your Bola with your choice of decorative stone, logs, or five different colors of crushed glass media. You may never want to go back indoors!

*The Outdoor Fire Bola can be installed on top of wood decks or patios, 24” clearance to side walls. Allow 7 feet clearance from top of fire bowl to any ceiling.

Concrete fire bowl is available in textured charcoal or smooth grey.

Propane version complete with 5 ft. hose and regulator.

Optional trim ring and weather cover available.

30” W x 14”H and weighs

Starting at $1,865 (plus taxes and shipping)


Note:  looking for a larger fire bowl?  From 32″ to 48″ diameter, we can help you select a durable, all weather fire bowl as the perfect centerpiece for entertaining your guests.  Send us a message and we can provide you with details.

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