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To the backyard barbequer who sees outdoor cooking as a uniquely satisfying experience. Who regards their backyard as their domain; a place to relax and escape the availability and fast pace the culture demands. To the outdoor chef who finds cooking over a wood fire to be curiously instinctive. To the weekend griller who considers cooking and sharing a delicious meal with family and friends as time well spent. To those who admire ingenuity, craftsmanship, and the independent spirit. To the achiever who works hard and has earned the right to reward themselves. PRIMO understands!

Take your food to the next level with the unbeatable taste from Primo’s lineup of charcoal grills.

  • the ability to cook a wide variety of foods including steaks, chicken, pork, turkey, fish, pizzas, vegetables…   You name it, the Primo will give it an unbeatable taste!
  • the ability to grill and/or smoke while maintaining a consistent low temperature or high temperature
  • even heating across the entire surface of the grill


Kamado – Everything all together in one package. The Kamado all-in-one has 280 sq.inches of standard cooking surface. It includes a heavy duty low profile cradle, side shelves, ash tool, grill lifter, cast iron chimney cap, easy-to-read thermometer, reversible cooking grates and stainless steel lower vent door. From $1,249 (plus taxes and shipping)

Ovals – four Primo models lets you choose the one that best meets your needs. Ranging from 310 to 680 square inches of cooking surface!! All include a cast iron chimney cap, easy to read thermometer, reversible cooking grates and stainless steel lower vent door. Optional carts, cradles, side tables, covers, roasting pans, V racks, etc. available.  From $1,664 (plus taxes and shipping)

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